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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  January 13, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> the coldest morning yet in our cold snap. frigid enough to leave a layer of frost on these new cars in redwood city. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather if our meteorologist lisa argen. >> i had to use that credit card to scrape the ice off. here's a view from mt. tam. it even looks cold out there. we did break a record up in novato where the temperature dropped to 24. the old record was 25. we are still sitting in the mid-and upper 30s closer to the water burks plenty of 20s from gilroy and some of the protected valleys of the east bay. likely tonight we will see the freeze warning and the frost advisory. but for the rest of the morning mid-20s to the low 40s. in the afternoon it will be chilly once again, upper 40s to the lower 50s.
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that is below average. but in the next couple of days we will warm up and see above-average numbers. i will have that 7 day outlook for you coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. pucks are going to start dropping in a matter of hours now that the national league lockout is over. kira klapper is live at sharks ice. that's the team's practice facility in san jose. kira, that lockout was more than 100 days so i know the fans are excited about this. >> oh, they are really excited. everyone here has been talking to us about what a thrilling day this is for hockey. as you mentioned, the sharks return here in sharks ice for open training camp today at 1:30. yesterday the natural -- nhl signed a deal to end the lockout. hockey fans here say they have been waiting with baited breath. >> last night they had a practice that we were -- they had the blinds down on the rink
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so no one could go in and talk to them or see them. but we did know that they were here. >> and do you have your sharks colors on your braces? >> yeah. i have two on my braces. i have two teal, orange and black on to try to get them back. but now i'm happy they are back and ready to get the season going. >> at long last it's here. hopefully there won't be any animosity. hopefully we can get back to the game itself. >> i'm originally a canadian, so it's great. it's great hockey is back. >> you are canadian so it's in your blood really? >> born in montreal. you are given a pair of hockey skates that you are born. [laughter] >> the sharks schedule includes a 48-game season starting a week from today in calgary against the flames. they play their first home game in the tank against pacific division rival phoenix coyotes. that's thursday, january 24th. just 11 days until the sharks return back to sharks territory.
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reporting live in san jose, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> kira is excited as the fans are. i know the nearby businesses have to be ecstatic, as well. they have really lost out. >> oh, absolutely. they took a big hit while the lockout was in session. they lost half a season. half a season of fans, half a season of food and beverages so it will be good for the businesses, as well. >> yep. half a season of revenue. thank you very much, kira. well, the 49ers are save ordering victory this morning and later today they will find out who they will play in the quest for their sixth super bowl win. last night's win over the green bay packers was a record night for quarterback colin kaepernick. he scored with a 56 run to the end zone putting the 49ers ahead for good. he rushed for 181 yards. that's the most ever by a quarterback in the playoffs. he scored two touchdowns on the ground, passed for two others.
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the 49ers now advance to the nfc championship game for the second year in a row with their 45-31 win over the green bay packers. mike shumann is going to have a lot more later on in sports. right now here's abc7 news reporter john alston with fan reaction from candlestick park. >> yeah, baby! more, baby! >> fans streamed out of candlestick, finally relieved they broke free from the back and forth early in the game. >> colin kaepernick started out slow but he redeemed himself, came back. >> green bay fans were gracious in their loss but couldn't escape good-natured ribbing in the interviews. >> they had the better game plan, executed better. kind of disappointing. >> we have cheese and wine and you can join us. >> all right! >> just disappointed we came out to support aaron rodgers. >> and it's not working out well for you? >> yeah.
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i'm really bummed. it was a really good first half and we had a lot of fun going to the game. candlestick park is a lot of fun burks in the end we couldn't hold it out. >> this is a full day for san francisco police who confiscated thousands of dollars of nfl bootlegged merchandise, which is big business especially during playoff games. undercover officers also posed as fans for both teams, hoping to catch unruly people going too far with their rivalry. this was a pleasant and memorable night for this dad and his son. >> this was our first pro ball we ever attended together. 49ers had such a great season and for them to finally pull ahead and hopefully advance is fantastic to see. >> yeah, awesome. 49ers! >> san francisco police made an untold number of arrests for bad behavior and a number of spectators were ejected from the stadium for bothering other fans. from candlestick park, john alston, abc7 news. >> there was 92 people ejected
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from the game and about two dozen arrests. now if you did not make it to the game, you can still go out and watch with crowds of 49er fans and even a few cheeseheads. sergio has that part of the story. just minutes before kickoff we met 49ers fan dominique and packers fan andrew. they packed into this pub along with hundreds of other football fans. they came here because of a mutual friend. >> one of my friends told me he had a surprise for me because he likes to see me in green so he invited this guy. he didn't know what he was in for. >> what an interesting relationship. >> i will keep my mouth shut and then at the end of the day i will be smiling. >> after it started it was clear the 49ers were dominating the match-up. >> how is the night going? >> amazing. it's awesome. >> unfortunately for andrew and the handful of other packers fans who squeezed into the pub, the night didn't go according to their plans. >> how is the game going?
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>> not going very well. i wish it was a little different right now. >> in the end the 49ers won the night with a 45-31 final score. a triumph for dominique and her fellow 49ers faithful. though the pack lost, the guy in green and gold got good natured support from other fans. >> you have to have fun. it's just game. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> the niners' win mean san francisco may your ed lee will collect on a wage we're his green bay counter park. mayor of green bay is going to sponsor kids to explore the exploratorium when it opens and he's going to fork over some cheese curds and wine. >> we want to see your 49er pride. e male your niners fan photos to ureport at we are going to be posting them
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and we just might show yours on the air. new this morning from around the world, there has been another gang rape of a bus passenger in india. >> the first comments by the other victim were published by her mother today. she said all six men accused of assaulting her daughter on a bus deserve to die for their crime. and egypt's ousted president mubarak has won a retrial. he was convicted last june for failing to stop the killing of the hundred protesters during an uprising that ended his 29-year rule. the ruling also grants a new trial to mubarak's security chief who is serving a life sentence for his conviction on the same charges
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new this morning human rights groups will have protests around the bay area today marking the 11th anniversary of the guantanamo bay detention camp. you might see people wearing orange jumpsuits today in sympathy with the guantanamo detainees, some prisoners have been held without charges for ten years now. at 1:00 this afternoon protest groups will set out from both ends of of the golden gate bridge. they will meet in the middle for a vigil. before that they plan to read the names of all 166 guantanamo prisoners and at 2:00 this afternoon a separate day of action is planned in palo alto by members of amnesty international. coming up next, a huge turnout, possibly the biggest ever for a bay area gun show. why so many people are stocking up. and later, why some legendary actors are telling members of the academy to not cast oscar ballots for one of the movies
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nominated for
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huge lines and long waits for ammunition and guns are expected again today at the crossroads of the west gun show. it's in daly city. abc7 news reporter thomas ramon was there yesterday and has a look at the crowds at the cow palace.
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>> i cannot believe the number of people and cars. >> he is as shocked at the turnout as the organizers of the crossroads of the west gun show at the cow palace. thousands came to daly city, many for the same reason and same concern. jalen just bought an ar-15 assault rifle. >> that's why we all need to get them now, before they take them all away. >> did you just buy this? >> i have three at home. this is the fourth. >> there's like 500 people in line just to get ammunition. >> many say the reason for the huge turnout and the discussion going on in washington. vice president joe biden has had a series of meetings to hopefully build a consensus among the nra, gun owners and gun opponents. they want to try to prevent more tragedy like at sandy hook and possibly pass a ban on assault weapons. they said it's created fear among many gun owners. >> because obama wants to take everybody's guns away so they are here buying ammo and guns and getting ready for the next
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revolution. [laughter] >> gun show president bob templeton attended the meetings in washington. >> further restrictions on the second amendment are not on the table for discussion. >> templeton said that's his. stand, as well as the nras. he said some consensus was reached as far as background checks for criminals and mental health records, but he thinks the administration is having the meetings for show. >> it was constructive dialogue but i think they had their mind made up when they came into the meeting. >> the task force on guns is expected to present their recommendations by the end of the month. templeton said he expects about 8,000 people here at the cow palace on sunday and also expects to sell out of ammunition. in daly city, abc7 news. >> the eighth and final suspect in the murder of a 14-year-old boy in san jose is in county jail this morning. 31-year-old joe shavareo was conducted with the beating death
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of a man at roosevelt park last april. several other men face murder and attempted murder charge in the teenager's death. they are accused of a gang-related attack on him and his older brother. santa cruz police have released the sketch of a man they say groped a 12-year-old girl on her way home from school. officers say this is the man who grabbed her on walnut avenue around 2:30 on friday afternoon. he ran when the girl confronted him. santa cruz police are asking anyone who recognizes the attacker to give them a call. redwood shores-based oracle promises it will make a fix available shortly for a security flaw in its java software. oracle claims the flaw is only in one particular version of the software and doesn't affect applications running on servers and pcs. last week the department of homeland security advised people to disable java software on their computers to avoid hacking attacks.
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>> meteorologist lisa argen is here now talking about this cold spell. >> we saw plenty of 20s out there. numbers breezy in the east bay. here's a look from the east bay camera where out in livermore, just 42 right now. 43 downtown. we will talk about when going to warm up and an extended freeze warning in effect for tonight. that's all coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the 49ers advance to the nfc championship game for the second straight year with colin kaepernick setting an nfl rushing record for quarterback. mike shumann has the highlights. he has the postgame reaction and all of tha
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ]
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♪ the one and only, cheerios >> those green bay packer fans were probably laughing at us in town thinking this weather was cold, but it is cold. >> it is cold. even the south bay dipped down to 29 degrees in san jose. here's a look from mt. tam and the way we have it shaded here even looks cool out there. tonight we will did it all again. likely a freeze warning for all of the valleys. we are skill very, very cold out there. we are cloud free not only for today but the next several days. in fact we are looking at an extended period of dry weather. the temperatures right now freezing in concord at 32, as well as livermore. 38 in mountain view with plenty of 20s up to the north.
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san rafael, and knoxville is down to 25. a few locations up in the teens around petaluma. 41 half moon bay. 29 in redwood city and down by the central coast still below freezing around gilroy. 35 watsonville, 38 monterey. compared to yesterday, yeah, definitely colder. anywhere from two to six degrees colder. with the cold air mass in place, we will have the radiational cooling again tonight. very little win but we are forecasting a little wind for the north bay but not enough to offset the frosty temperatures. freezing temperatures still throughout the next hour or so. sunny days and cold nights through tuesday morning and then milder days wednesday, thursday. in fact going above normal to near 60 in some areas by the end of the work week into the weekend. take a look at this huge dome of high pressure all the way up into canada. you will notice that it is controlling much of the west coast. if we go out into the pacific
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further works we are looking at more high and dry weather right on through next weekend. we don't have any incoming weather systems but we will monitor the cold, cold temperatures. in the sierra nevada we are well below zero, about 9 below at the airport this morning. 27 this afternoon with the low 50s along the coast. 58 in los angeles. they will have some wind tonight through tomorrow and that will bring those temperatures up. but everyone really expecting the cooler than average temperatures. we should see about 52, 54 downtown. we are only at 50 today. numbers over in our inland valleys only in the upper 40s. livermore similar to yesterday, 49. 48 in antioch with some low 50s for santa rosa. down by the monterey bay and along the coast, just at about 50 degrees. the winds will be light, though. that will keep it bearable out there. plenty of sunshine. 52 salinas, 50 hollister. then overnight tonight. once again we will see plenty of
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20s, upper 20s fremont, could see some mid-40s around oakland, 32 san mateo, and below freezing santa cruz. half moon bay about 34. hers the forecast. a frosty one again tonight and we will look for temperatures to come up maybe two or three degrees tomorrow. then more moderating temperatures tuesday and wednesday and maybe above normal by the end of the work would be with more tule fog coming our way with a bit more wind. definitely cold out there. >> it is. you and i stayed up late last night past our bedtimes to watch the 49ers game. so in sports this afternoon the niners will find out if they will be hosting the championship game against seattle or traveling to atlanta next weekend. the niners will face the winner of this morning's game between the seahawks and the falcons. last night, yes, the 49ers defeated the green bay packers at candlestick park. here's schu with the highlights and postgame reaction from this
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morning's sports. >> good morning. i am now a believer. i had my doubts about colin kaepernick leading them into the playoffs with only seven nfl starts. he started the game with a nightmare throw but battles back and sets an nfl record in the process. aaron rodgers and alex smith, 2005 number one draft choice, before the game. fans worried about the quarterback in the beginning. second pass forecast game by kaepernick picked off by sam shields. he goes 52 yards and just like that 7-0 packers, but the kid made up for his mistake. third and agent from the packers 20. takes it himself. his first postseason touchdown. wouldn't be his last. game tied at 7. green bay, 22 minutes of possession only in this game but dajuan harris gives them the lead. great cut here. 14-7 packers. niners answer. two straight kaepernick to crabtree. crab had a huge game. 119 yards and 9 catches, two tds. niners led 21-14. rogers answers. under three minutes in the half.
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and james jones, and rogers 257 yards, two tds and a pick. niners up 3 at the half. third quarter kaepernick sets an nfl playoff record for most rushing yards by a quarterback. 181, including this 56-yarder. he had 444 yards of total offense and 4tds. fourth quarter, frank gore. they are heading to the nfc championship for the second straight year. 45-31 the final. they face the winner of today's seahawks and falcons game. what a playoff debut for kaepernick. 253 yards passing, 181 yards rushing and four touchdowns. >> it's a lot easier on me when other people are make plays. our offensive line came out. they dominated up front and that makes it easy on the quarterback. >> kaepernick is going to be all right. those plays, he came to the sidelines and he was ready to go. i knew he would have a big day. a big day for us today. >> 200 yards rushing? >> almost. >> almost. there you go, it's hard to lose like that. >> peyton manning was having a career year with the broncos and
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hoping to add a second super bowl to his resume. denver hosting baltimore. division playoffs. but the high-flying ravens said no more. peyton manning an unbelievable comeback after neck surgery last year. opening kickoff, and then tied at 21. the 90-yard punt return for a touchdown in the first. takes the kickoff return, 104 yards. first player in the nfl history to score on a punt and a check -- kick-off return in a playoff game. broncos up 7. 40 seconds to go in the game. denver up by a touchdown. last call for the ravens. bill flacco, to jones. are you kidding me? 70 yards for the touchdown. we are tied at 35 and we head to overtime. manning threw for three touchdowns, but had three turnovers as well. picked off here by cory grant for the second time in the game. sets it up in denver territory. double overtime. rookie kicker, justin tucker, 47-yard field goal for the win. it's good. ravens are headed to their second straight afc title game with 38-35 double overtime victory.
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seattle taking on atlanta, new england and texas and we will have those highlights at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> coming up, the flu is spreading. much of the country is overwhelmed as vaccines run low. and america's new sweetheart, the autistic teen that made it so far in the miss america pageant. we will also tell you who won.
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>> developing news in mountain view. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a two-alarm fire in a mobile home this morning. the resident managed to get out safely. because of the cold temperatures, the water firefighters used to put out the blames turned to black eyes. the red cross is on the scene trying to help out with
9:29 am
temporary housing. >> those plan to get their flu shot later on could get shutout. the vaccine is in low supply due to high demand. in many states the outbreak is so bad people are now going to great lengths to avoid getting sick. abc news reporter john was the story from new york. ♪ >> this morning church-goers across the country may have one extra pit stop on their way to the pulpit. many churches like this one in upstate new york hope to ward off the flu epidemic by installing hand sanitizers, cleaning the nursery and wiping the doors between each service. >> normally the door handles and those type of things might be cleaned once a week. they are now being cleaned daily. >> this, one of many precautions people are keeping in mind today as they head out to other public spaces. >> i keep a lot of hand sanitizer around. >> i make sure to wash my hands a lot.
9:30 am
>> i avoid people already sick. >> wiping down the phones with wipes. >> keeping my hands off my face. >> and some of trying to stay ahead of the game. people staying in long lines not for the latest blockbuster but to get the flu vaccine. many pharmacies are declaring a shortage of the flu shot. in new york there's a health emergency that allows pharmacists to deliver flu vaccines for kids. we reached out to a popular pharmacy chain in new york city and got this response. >> currently we only have the flu shots for the ones that are 65 and up. >> cvs is deal with the same shortage issues at some of their stores. >> today we should be getting in possibly 30 doses in this location but that could be gone in 20 minutes. >> and walgreens says while select locations around the country may experience shortages, they are working as quickly as possible to restock every store. in fact our own doctor jennifer
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ashton said when her doctor ran out of the flu vaccine, she got a new shipment within a matter of days. abc news, new york. >> if your family needs to get flu shots, we have a list of resources available at, including the shoo the flu program where kids can get flu shots for free. google has found a way to estimate the rate of the flu epidemic around the world. millions of users search for health information and there's more flu-related searches during the flu season. based on that they determine where the flu is circulating and which countries are hardest hit. he's considered one of the greatest cyclists of all-time but hanging over his head are those charges of doping to achieve that success. now lance armstrong may be coming clean about drug use during his tour de france races. abc news reporter mark greenblat has the latest. >> in his last interview with oprah nearly two years ago, lance armstrong got a hero's welcome.
9:32 am
now disgraced and labeled as a cheater, he will face a much tougher audience when he sits with her again. but if, as expected, armstrong confesses to doping, it would likely come only after the statute of limitations on perjury charges ran out. following this strong denial under oath. >> i just want to make sure your testimony is clear. if it can't be any clearer that i've never taken drugs. >> still an about-face could land him in serious hot water. he's still facing an ongoing federal whistle blower's suit that's tightly under seal and another suit from a british newspaper and threats from a promoter that wants $7.5 million off. yet he texted a.p. "i told oprah to go wherever she wants and i will answer the questions directly, honestly and candidly." >> he's setting himself in for more trouble has been he's already in and he's in trouble now. >> average strong was stripped of his title and banned from the
9:33 am
sport for life last year after the u.s. anti-doping agency issued a report accusing him of leading a sophisticated and brazen drug program on his u.s. postal service team. the u.s. doesn't plan to build a death star anytime soon. more than 34,000 people signed a petition calling on the obama administration to build the star wars inspired weapon. but on a posting the science and space advisor wrote the u.s. does not support blowing up planets. he also calls with a waste of taxpayer money. >> #* >> your new miss america is miss new york! [applause] >> mallory hagan won the pageant last night. the panelingen was in vegas. she tap danced to win the prize.
9:34 am
she will be supporting stopping child abuse. the first autistic miss american contestant also made history. online voters chose miss montana as a semifinalist, based on her contestant video. >> i thank you so much america for voting for me. i'm that much closer to becoming miss america. thank you so much. >> the winner who took home the crown, mallory hagan, receives a $50,000 college scholarship. miss south carolina, by the way, was the first runner-up. tomorrow on abc7 good morning america, robin roberts has a big announcement sure to make you smile. good morning america begins tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. here on abc7. >> the golden globes are tonight. the awards have historically been a good indicator for the oscars. but there's a growing controversy over one of the top contenders for top film. zero dark 30. it's director was snubbed by the academy. john muller has the story.
9:35 am
>> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> it seems like this one, picking the role of enhanced interrogation techniques in the hunt for osama bin laden that has them joining the backlash against the film zero dark 30. >> i am bad news. i'm going to break you. >> actors are asking fellow academy members to send zero dark 30 home with zero oscars. >> you can't separate artistry and morality, and i hope my fellow members of the academy will consider the morality of each. >> if more people like martin sheen and the more it is on people's minds as they get ready to vote. >> on friday the studio, sony pictures, jumped to their defense. >> zero dark 30 does not advocate torture. to not include that part of history would be irresponsible
9:36 am
and not accurate. >> there are people who are very upset about it and there are people who can't understand why anybody is upset about it at all. when we go to a feature movie, we expect different things. >> the story of the manhunt has long been plagued by controversy. during production republicans railed against fierce about how much information was being given to film makers. >> i never asked to classified material and to my knowledge i receiver received any. >> many were greeted by protesters ratcheting up the fight hoping they won't wipe them out come oscar night. >> you can see who wins on sunday, february 24th, when the as scars are announced live only on abc7. up next, a new space mission is underway at stanford. a new kind of rover to explore a distant moon. here's a live look from the roof cam showing you the transamerica tower there. it is 40 degrees in the city. warmer than many other places in
9:37 am
the bay area. lisa argen will be along in just a bit with a full [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light,
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now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good!
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 9:40 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our san jose camera. you know, the sharks are going to be practicing this afternoon. the nhl lockout is over. they are going to be on the ice. it will be chilly outside, as well. lisa argen will be along to talk about our cold snap in just a few. >> scientists say it could
9:40 am
help unlock the secrets of the universe, but we have to get there first. phobos is the moon that goes around mars. on a story you see only on abc7 news, jonathan bloom introduces us to engineers at stanford who are hard at work on a new kind of rover. >> you see a hopping and a tumbling motion. >> this is an early simulation of a robot that in about ten years could look like this, a titanium soccer ball covered in spikes. the stanford professor calls it a hedgehog and it could one day explore mars' biggest moon. the moon is called phobos. >> a thousand times less than the gravity we have an earth. nasa mars rovers have wheels, wheels might not work on phobos. >> if you were to try to do a wheel system in low gravity, you could flip it over and completely lose control of it. so instead of rolling, they are making them tumble and hop using spinning motors sealed inside. they started with this two
9:41 am
dimensional model and how it will work in microgravity. >> if i let it go, it slowly drifts back down and that's as if this were the ground. >> but the next prototype will be in three dimensions. researchers will use what is essentially a small model of the giant shipping cranes at the port of oakland to simulate microgravity on a miniature model of the rover. >> applying very little force, i can move this whole system. >> they are working on a full-scale model at nasa. >> to study tumbling and hopping on different types of surfaces. so we looked at doing that on concrete surfaces, on sandy surfaces and rocky surfaces. >> hedgehogs could carry cameras and microscopes, send findings back to an orbiting satellite to help find out where phobos came from and whether humans can land there. >> it's an important object. >> and it could be key to proving or disproving theories on how the universe began. >> it enables us to understand
9:42 am
where we are coming from and where we are heading to. >> at stanford, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> and here in our slice of the world it's been a little bit on the chilly side. >> yes, certainly. if you are not in downtown san francisco, you have 20s or 30s. and a look outside. plenty of sunshine. here's a look at berkeley where over in oakland we are still just at 36 degrees downtown. numbers below freezing in parts of our north and east bay, as well. 34 in san jose. we will talk about our warmup. any rain? no. i'll explain next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a new technology offering help for an offering help for an uncom
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we are all reflections of the people who came before us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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>> welcome back, everyone. thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a look from our damage cam. doesn't it look cold just looking at that view? we have been bundling up for the last few days, covering the plants, putting a sweater on the dogs, but that may change. lisa argen is along in about 30 seconds with a full accuweather forecast. and while we bundle up here in california, it feels like spring on the east coast. temperatures are in the 60s over a broad area of the ohio valley and the southeast. today temperatures there could reach 70 degrees from southern virginia to florida. in all, more than 40 cities could tie or break record-high
9:46 am
temperatures this weekend. but, hey, that warm spell is not going to last. winter-like weather will return there this week, and in exchange we will, well, maybe not heat up, but at least do a little bit better. >> yeah, get to where we should be this time of year, which would be a couple 60s around the bay and more like mid-50s." we are shy for that. i'll show you where we should be this time of year in a moment. a look at the east bay camera. we are beginning to recover, but overnight tonight once again it will be freezing and we will have frost close to the bay shores. right now live doppler 7 hd on top of mount saint helena not peck piing up any cloud cover. and this is also looking at the clear conditions. really monitoring the cold is what we will be doing for the next 24 hours or so. 29 redwood city, good morning, napa, 32 for you. plenty of 20s from petaluma, santa rosa, san rafael.
9:47 am
just at freezing the livermore valley and getting over the hump there in san jose at 34. 35 in watsonville and just 38 around the monterey bay. so temperatures this morning, we are colder than yesterday morning and monday morning will be just as cold or even a little colder. with five degrees cooler in redwood city this morning, you really had to pay attention to that forecast because we've had a little wind and mr. cloud cover the past couple of nights. but with extreme radiation natural cooling for this morning and tomorrow morning, we will do it all again. so we will look for the moderating temperatures by the middle of the week. so with a sunny days and cold nights, that will take us through about wednesday. then by thursday and friday we are looking at upper 50s to near 60. so today numbers will range from the upper 40s in livermore to 53 in oakland, 51 redwood city and san jose. usually this time of year we should be in the mid-and upper 50s. so anywhere from 8 degrees below
9:48 am
where we should be. in livermore, redwood city and san jose. seven degrees off in downtown san francisco. so a little cold snap staying with us for the beginning of the work week. but then we will look for the ridge of high pressure to nudge just a little bit closer to california. as it does, that will begin to warm us up. look at it, it is all the way up into canada and out in the pacific. we still have the systems being deflected to the north so we are looking high and dry throughout the work week into next weekend and perhaps beyond that. 50 in fresno for later this afternoon. 58 loves and they will warm up due to a stronger offshore flow tonight. 27 in the sierra nevada. down to 15 below this morning. back home we will see the numbers once again low 50s. 53 santa rosa, 49 livermore, 52 san mateo, with just 50 half moon bay. and down by the monterey bay, yeah, beginning to that you out there. you know, i guess it's fine for
9:49 am
the east coast to warm up a little bit because their time is coming as soon as tomorrow. they will cool off upper 20s and 30s. back home here, that will be our coldest morning for the next several days. we will warm up and have the overnight lows still chilly, but not as cold as they were this morning and tomorrow morning. >> i don't wish bad weather on the folks back east but i'm glad it's going to warm up here. >> 20 to 30 degrees above normal, that's just not right there. >> thanks, lisa. well, we know that wintry mixner the bay area is much different now than it was ten years ago. the abc7 news weather team is exploring decades of data documenting out climate change is affecting weather here. it's for a special airing this evening. you will also hear how the bay area microclimates make the weather here different than just about anywhere else on earth. >> topography is one of the main reasons that we have such diverse weather conditions from location to location. we've got the higher terrain in the mountains and the hills that
9:50 am
help determine wind flow and that she would certain areas from rainfall. >> the abc7 news special "inside bay area weather" airs tonight at 6:30 here on abc7. >> a new technology is offering hope for an uncomfortable condition affecting an estimated 23 million people in the country. it's a condition that can take a severe toll on everything from your vision to your quality of life. here is abc7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson with the details. >> on a bad day, even driving can be a challenge for helen cole. >> the hardest part about driving is seeing the signs clearly and it adds a distinctive glare of blurriness. >> while her normal vision is fine, the blurriness comes from a condition called dry eye. in helen's case it is so severe she's forced to treat it with drops and compresses throughout the day.
9:51 am
>> from the time you get up in the morning your eyes already feel gritty, sometimes they are swollen. definitely red and they have a burning sensation. >> you have a relatively low oil layer. >> the ophtamologist said the condition is often caused by a lack of oil which allows the eye's natural oil to evaporate. he is going to treat it with a new technology called lipiflow. it's from pure science. -- tier science. >> that's perfect. >> first they perform a laser scan of her eyes to measure the amount and quality of the oil, as well as her natural pattern of blinking. >> that represents the blinks. >> after analyzing the data, the doctor places two small cups directly on to helen's eyes. they are designed to reach the oil glands beneath her eyelids. >> it warms the eye to about jacuzzi temperature. not too hot, but comfortable. it melts the oils and using a computer program it applies gentle pressure and expresses the abnormal oils from the glands. >> the procedure takes about twelve minutes and the mild heat does not typically cause any discomfort. once the glands are cleared the
9:52 am
eyes begin producing oil and moisture. diana had the procedure earlier this year. >> i would say within four days or so i could tell that my eyes did not seem as dry or as uncomfortable. >> the doctor said in severe cases it can take eight to ten weeks to experience relief, but the improvement often lasts several years. >> i think the whole technology from beginning to end is revolutionary. >> and for patients like helen it offers the hope of making it through the day without concentrating on taking care of her eyes. >> a home run would be to, actually, have it totally go away, but for now i would just be happy with having good days. >> and carolyn says that an average treatment costs $1,800 and it is not covered by insurance right now. however, dr. mandell points out the improvement can reduce expenses ranging from eye drop prescriptions to regular eye appointments.
9:53 am
>> coming up next, a white out. why thousands of people got together in seattle to
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> k check out the winning numbers from last night's super million dollars lotto plus. no one got them all so wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $13 million. enough people took part in seattle's snow day yesterday to set a new world record for the largest snowball fight. about 6,000 people hurling snowballs at each other at the seattle center. organizers trucked in 162,000 pounds of snow from the cascade mountains in this effort to dethrone the previous record holder, the republic of korea, and it was 5,723 people throwing snownballs back in 2010. >> not quite cold enough to toss a snowball at you, lisa, but
9:56 am
it's chilly out there. >> yeah, we don't have the moisture, that's for sure. very dry out there. as we take a look outside, it looks nice and pretty out here with sunshine in san francisco. but temperatures are off. you don't need me to tell you that. how much off? well, only 53 today santa rosa and oakland and we should be in the upper 50s. redwood city should see 59 and san jose. so well below normal this afternoon, into tomorrow as well, and then we will look at our warm trend, but not before we have another freeze warning tonight and a frost advisory for the bay shores. so a cold start for your monday. a little milder for tuesday, on the average of two to four degrees warmer. that should take us to near average. by the end of the week more fog and moisture, but we will still stay dry and then mild by the end of the work week. >> sounds good. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with meet lisa argen who is back in the saddle.
9:57 am
abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. you asked for it. now the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android phone or tablet and the kindle fire. you can download it now for free from the amazon app store and on google play. the free alarm clock app is still available if you have an i-phone. have a great day, everyone,
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